East Remote Parking Lot Solar Array 

Watch a video describing the array with beautiful UCSC footage!



Live data dashboard - View the array’s live energy dashboard to get real-time and historic data, project information, and learn how the system works. The 2.1MW (DC) array is listed on the dashboard as 1.79MW (AC).
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UCSC’s 2.1 MW PV array over the East Remote Parking Lot came online in spring of 2021. The array:

  • Produces enough electricity to power more than 330 houses for a year! 
  • Will displace approximately 19% of our grid purchased electricity or 6.1% of our total campus electrical load.
  • Will save us approximately $6 million in energy costs in 20 years.

UCSC hired local solar installers Sandbar and used the local steel installer MBL. 

They system is accompanied by a 1 MW battery storage system which was installed in 2022, to improve the system’s economics and grid reliability.

2021 Solar Press Release

Solar Curriculum 

Are you a UCSC professor and interested in how to incorporate the solar array and its data into your classroom? Email the Sustainability Office’s Climate Manager for curriculum.