Strategic Energy Partnership

Wallpack SEP Project

UCSC and all the other UC Campuses engage with their utilities in a Strategic Energy Partnership (SEP) program. This program facilitates increased incentive rates paid to projects with energy conservation to be paid by the utility providers, in exchange for a commitment on the part of the campuses to implement significant reductions projects. The Energy Department manages this program, and works closely with the Work Management project managers, and the trades within the Physical Plant, to implement these projects. Typically, the types of projects include lighting retrofits, boiler replacement, controls upgrades, commissioning projects, and motor replacements. 

These projects reduce the total cost of campus utilities every year for the lifetime of the installed equipment, and help UCSC move towards our carbon neutrality goals. As of the end of 2016, this program has allowed UCSC to avoid over $9 million in energy costs since 2006.

annual project cost avoidance