Energy & Work Management

What We Do:

Project Management

The Work Management team provides project management during the design and construction of repair and replacement projects on campus. Projects are typically less than $1 million dollars in scope and involve the repair, replacement or renovation of existing campus infrastructure. Project management is performed during all phases of construction projects from estimate and design, to bidding and construction, through final inspections and project close out. Construction work is coordinated with the campus community to ensure there is minimal disruption to the functionality of the University. Project management services are provided for a wide range of replacement and repair work such as:

  • Utility/Underground 
  • Roads, Pathways and Bridges
  • Building Envelope, Structural and Cosmetic Repairs 
  • Electrical and Lighting Replacements
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling equipment
  • Elevator Replacements and Updates

Project Managers provide estimates of the work to be performed and use of their services are initiated by submitting a work order. See Request an Estimate.

Customer Service/In-House Campus Projects: 

The Customer Service Liaison provides project coordination and management for a wide variety of tasks campus-wide. Diana Rowan serves as the Customer Services Liaison for Physical Plant and is the point of contact for inquiries regarding the scheduling of work, repairs, and replacements in your area.

Diana Rowan, Customer Service Liaison/Project Manager
(831) 459-3298

“To engage our customer in order to receive value-added feedback on the Physical Plant Organization’s level of service and to facilitate the continuous improvement process in Physical Plant by enhancing relations with our customers, streamlining processes focused on customer needs, reducing waste and efficiently assigning resources to customer priorities.” - Customer Service Purpose Statement 

Energy and Utility Services:

Management of energy and utility services, including implementation of the Strategic Energy Plan (SEP). 

What We Are Not:

Work Management differs from Physical Planning and Construction (PP&C). PP&C handles the physical planning, design and construction of new buildings and large scale alterations to existing facilities and campus infrastructure.