Shutdown Procedures

Please read the following before submitting a shutdown request:

MEP System Shutdown Guidelines for PP&C Construction Projects

• The PP&C Project Manager (PM) will establish a recharge work order for
Physical Plant assistance with shutdowns, start-ups, under ground utility
locations, etc. From the scope of work, determine the necessary Craft or Crafts
that will be assisting so work orders can be created. Work order requests are
obtained by phone or via e-mail. Contact (831) 459-4444 or Be sure
to include the project number as well as all appropriate billing information to
expedite the work order process.

• The PP&C PM will contact Physical Plant Supervisors directly for a “project
coordination meeting.” 7 day advance notification of meeting is preferred. (Some
shutdowns, such as electrical, require more than one coordination meeting. The first
meeting may occur months in advance. The final meeting should occur the day prior
to or day of the shutdown.) **

• The Contractor will create a draft listing and schedule of systems to be shutdown
per contract requirements to be reviewed at the project coordination meeting..

• Physical Plant, PP&C PM and the Contractor will discuss the potential for systems
and user groups that might be affected as a result of the shut down at the project
coordination meeting.

• The PP&C PM will make preliminary contact with identified system user groups
and notify them of the proposed system interruptions and tentative schedule.

• The PP&C PM will re-confirm the tentative schedule with the contractor, Physical
Plant and the user groups, and then send a shutdown notice to the work order desk.
7 to 21 days advance notification of shutdown date is preferred depending on which
systems and extent of the shutdown.

**The agenda items for the project coordination meeting include;
• Safety first
• Lock out Tag out procedures
• Standard operating procedures
• What systems are to be secured and by whom
• How systems will be secured and by whom
• Why will the systems be isolated or shut down
• What methods will be used to tie into existing systems
• Who are the contact persons on the job site in case something goes wrong
• Action plan in the event something goes wrong ie; back up materials on site
• How long is the duration of the shut down
• Confirm when the shutdown will occur
• Establish the communication chain from PP&C to Physical Plant when exactly
to secure or reestablish systems when contractors are ready. PP&C to relay
information from contractors to Physical Plant.