Operations Support Group

The Work Order Desk (831) 459-4444 is the center of daily operations at Physical Plant. We dispatch the appropriate workers by radio or printed work order, depending on the nature and urgency of the request. Our hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. If you have an emergency please call 911.

For a Facilities Project Request Form - please call (831) 459-4444 or email the Work Order Desk.

If you need to change or update accounting data, please contact our Fiscal Manager Jen Hale at jhale@ucsc.edu or call (831) 459-5047.

EASY ACCESS: If you are not sure who is responsible for supporting your service needs, please do not hesitate to call the Work Order Desk.

FAMIS Resources

How to get answers about Famis: Visit the FAMISXi Support Site!

Please submit an ITRequest Help Desk Ticket for additional help. For faster routing, select Service: Business Systems and System:FAMIS.

Operations Support Group:

Allyson Raedeke, Supervisor, (831) 459-5561 or allysonr@ucsc.edu
Diane Young, (831) 459-4444 or (831) 459-2677 or diyoung@ucsc.edu
Julia Smith, (831) 459-4444 or (831) 459-1503 or jssmith@ucsc.edu