FAMIS Self Service

There is a FAMIS log in on the home page or you can log in here.

Allyson Raedeke of the work order desk can assist you with creating a FAMIS account or if you are having trouble with your password. Her phone number is (831) 459-5561, or you can email her at allysonr@ucsc.edu.

You can connect to FAMIS using any university computer. For the best experience use Internet Explorer, version 11, with Java version 8. If you need to update your software, place an IT ticket here.

If you want to log on to FAMIS from an off-campus computer or wireless device, you will need to do so through a Campus VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. IT’s explanation of VPN can be read here.

A VPN connection is available to anyone with a CruzID and Gold password.

To install the VPN for your off-campus computer or wireless device, follow the instructions here.