Grounds Services

Mission Statement:
Grounds Services is committed to customer service in support of Physical Plant's mission to provide an economically and efficiently operated, safe and well maintained campus environment. Grounds Services maintains campus lands and developed landscapes, roads, paths, hardscapes, turf, exterior athletic facilities, irrigation, tree maintenance, provides pest control, storm drain maintenance, refuse/recycling services and vegetation management.

    •Interim Physical Plant Director
    Mike Hanson (831) 459-3365 or
    •Tree Management, Turf and Irrigation Management and Pest Control
    Josh Goldman, Assistant Superintendent (831) 459-2197 or
    •Campus Groundskeeper/Gardener Services
    Jessica Petrini (831) 459-5039 or
    •Roads, Paths, Drainage, Fences, Vegetation Management, Equipment Services
    Ron Dillehay, Supervisor (831) 459-3666 or
    •Resource Recovery Services
    Bill Alderson, Assistant Superintendent (831) 459-3671 or
    •Administrative Analyst for Resource Recovery Operations
    Chris Leverenz (831) 459-3947 or

Reach our Work Order Desk by calling (831) 459-4444, e-mailing or filling out a request form here.