Work Management Unit, Physical Plant Construction Schedule

Steward, John, PM (831) 502-7639 Associate Director, Physical Plant
Dolder, Michael, PM (831) 459-2754 Oakes Acad Elevator Modernization Oakes Academic Elevator out of service July 12, 2017 through early October, 2017 for modernization..
Dolder, Michael, PM (831) 459-2754 Sinsheimer N. Elevator Modernizaiton
Sin Labs North Elevator out of service July 17, 2017 throughearly October, 2017 (tentative) for modernization.
Dolder, Michael, PM (831) 459-2754 Kresge Academic Elevator
Kresge Academic Elevator out of service March 27, 2017 through early June, 2017 for modernization.
Dolder, Michael, PM (831) 459-2754
 Cowell Admin HVAC
Replace failing supply fan serving Cowell Admin.  No heat in Cowell 113/128/129/131/132/137/213/215/216/220/220A/222/223/244/225 during July and August.
Dolder, Michael, PM (831) 459-2754 Thimann Labs Exhaust Fan Bearing Replacements Two separate HVAC shutdowns will be required.  Coordinate with 1400-095 preheat coil replacement.
Dolder, Michael, PM (831) 459-2754 Crown Merrill Apartments Housing - Lift Station Replacement Replacement of sewage lift station.  Bldgs 5-14 offline in construction.
Douvia, Marc, PM (831) 502-8162 Street Striping
Restripe roads with fog lines, centerlines, crosswalks, stop bars & messaging; CHES' Camper Park included, directional arrows in multiple parking lots, and Barn G / Corps Yard. Traffic control to be used but some traffic delays may be experienced.
Douvia, Marc, PM (831) 502-8162 ISB Roof Repairs Diagnostic and investigative efforts conducted Spring Break 2017. Next phase to be scheduled.
Douvia, Marc, PM (831) 502-8162 Sinsheimer Labs Roof Replacement & Deck Recoating Replace Sin Labs roof and deck coating including deck coating inside three rooftop greenhouses.
Douvia, Marc, PM (831) 502-8162 Cowell Stevenson Service Road Repair Stevenson Service Road to be closed throughout construction.
Shawn Howard, PM, 459-1303, Stevenson Res. Halls Lighting Retrofit Summer 2017. Stevenson Casas 1-4 lighting retrofit. Roll-off 40-yard recycle containers to be placed in courtyard area.
Irie, Steven, PM (831) 502-7095 Social Science One Lab 431 Renovation
Demolition of existing millwork, sink, fumehood and ductwork.  Install new millwork, sinks, fume hood, ductwork, electrical outlets and paint.  Possible  impact to electricity and water.
Irie, Steven, PM (831) 502-7095 Thimann Lab RO Tank Replacement
 Replacement of RO tank located in mechanical room at the rooftop.  Possible interruption to RO water during flushing of new RO tank. Summer 2017.
Irie, Steven, PM (831) 502-7095 Thimann Lab Pre Heat Coil Replacement Replacement of the Pre Heat coils located within room 157A.  Shutdown of supply air during demolition. Summer. 2017
Irie, Steven, PM (831) 502-7095 Rachel Carson Apt.  Roof Replacement Apartments 1 and 6 roof replacements with noise, scaffolding around buildings and intermittent shutdown of areas in construction.
Irie, Steven, PM (831) 502-7095 Rachel Carson Admin Roof Replacement Reroof replacement with noise, scaffolding around buidlings and intermittent shutdown of areas during construction.
Teske, Zachary (831) 459-1218 Computer Lab Projector & Screen Installs Summer 2017 for  Soc Sci 1, PSB 104, Humantities Lec Hall 206.
Teske, Zachary (831) 459-1218 Cowelll Residence Halls - Exterior Stairwell Repairs Repair of concrete exterior stairwells to Cowell Residence Halls. Stairwells to be closed intermittently for work. Summer 2017.
Teske, Zachary (831) 459-1218 OPERS Pool ADA Chair Chair lift replacement.
Teske, Zachary (831) 459-1218 Music Center
Phillip Boutelle, PM (831) 459.5644 LML Mammal Pool Heting Upgrade Replacing boilers and controls at LML Marine Mammal Pools.
Phillip Boutelle, PM (831) 459.5644 Redwood Grove Apts Furnace Replacements Building 13, 14, 15 Furnace Replacements Ongoing.
Phillip Boutelle, PM (831) 459.5644 Ming Ong Computer Lab HVAC ERepair/replace in-ceiling AC unit in Ming Ong Computer Lab--to be available by  6/30/17.
Phillip Boutelle, PM (831) 459.5644 Utility Metering Installation Project 2017 Replacing and installing new electrical sub meters. Focus is apartment buildings at Crown/Merrill/Rachel Carson/Graduate Student/ Redwood Grove.

Rowan, Diana, PM (831) 459-2398,

 Customer Service Liaison/Project Manager Project manager for campus multicrew-multicraft projects include graduation, music buicling and Theater Arts rigging; Soc Sciences 2 floors.

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